Body Thetan

MITCH WELLS produced this DubStep track around a Wikileaks audio recording, purported to be of L. Ron Hubbard, giving a confidential lecture in 1968 on Scientology.

Scientology is sometimes referred to as the Cult of Eternal Litigation, as they always attempt to sue art like this out of existence. So, Fugue Records wants to make perfectly clear, this song and video represents a FAIR USE of the original audio recording. The audio is used to parody the CoS. The video and song are a criticism of the nutty jargon of the CoS.

Dropping Magic

KBOT is the duo of Producer Mitch Wells and Vocalist Lira Son. They released their debut CD, a girly-synth-pop album called Dropping Magic, in 2008.

Fugue Archive

MITCH WELLS released these singles on vinyl from 2002-2004. Available now in the digital format of your choice. Name your price for the whole set at bandcamp.

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